Do NOT feed your baby or child with raw milk.

As well as the recent death of a child in Australia from the feeding of “raw” (unpasteurized) cow milk, the easing of restrictions on the sale of raw milk in more states within the U.S has resulted in more than a quadruple increase in serious raw milk-related infectious disease outbreaks and hospitalizations over a 5-year period.

Because of the high risk of acquisition of severe infectious diseases from cow milk that has not been pasteurized, in Australia it is illegal to sell raw (unpasteurized) milk for human consumption, and health authorities recommend that it should not be consumed. However, because of misconceptions by some members of the public who feel that “raw” milk is more nutritious than pasteurized milk — and some “entrepreneurs” who wish to flout local regulations in order to “make a buck” — raw milk is packaged and labeled to be sold as “bath milk”. This is a “suggestion” that the unpasteurized milk is to be used only for bathing to improve skin texture, but the fact that it is sold in 1 litre or 2 litre containers, belies that “suggestion”. Authorities would do well to restrict the packaging of raw milk to 5 litre and/or 10 litre containers, more suitable for bathing.

The feeding of raw milk to your baby or child is simply not worth the risk involved.